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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

Journal Day 7 – Write a Blog Online

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Is it hard to do? What do I write about? Why should I even start one? How much time does it take? These are just a few of the questions that I have thought and been asked about my blog. I never thought that I would be someone the blogged about anything, but that is the direction that I have chosen for myself and I do not regret it one bit.

Is it hard to do?

The short answer is yes and no. Not that that isn’t confusing or anything. There are certain elements about it that are difficult. There is a learning curve just like almost anything. The biggest difficultly for me personally is staying consistent with my postings. I seem to go in spurts and I am working on remedying that. However, if you are someone that is a self-starter then this part will be easy for you.

Making sure that you have a topic that you enjoy, are passionate about, or are driven to learn about also is a huge factor on the difficulty. If you love it, you want to write about it, and learn about it. You become an “expert” in your topic and therefore you have more and more to write about.

What do I write about?

Anything you like! Literally, you can have a blog that is about any topic under the moon that you want to write about. I would also highly encourage you to pick something that you have a passion for so that the writing is enjoyable and not so much of a chore.

The site that I use for my hosting, community support, tech support and training has a whole section on how to pick what you want to write about. Then they help you get started and set up step-by-step so that it is really easy if you can follow directions.

They also help you figure out what to write about if you ever get stuck. They have tools and steps to follow for figuring things out that work for you so it is completely tailored to what you need. To be honest, it was some stuff that I had never even thought to do before I learned it.

Why should I even start one?

Well this is entirely up to you. DO you want to make some extra money on the side? Do you have a burning passion for something and you just want to scream it to the world? Do you want to work on your blog like a full-time job and replace your day job to just write? Anything of these reasons are reason enough to start one.

One of my biggest hurdles was thinking that the topics I wanted to write about already have so many blogs out that about it. Then I realized that there were no blogs out there that told things from my view, my perspective, or were written by me.

And yes, I need to keep in mind that my writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may dislike or even hate what I write. But I don’t write to please others. I write for myself and for the people that I can help with my research and knowledge. That is it, and I do well to keep that in mind every time I get to my computer to write.

How much time does it take?

As much time as you want it to! Literally, you can spend just 15 min a day on your blog, or spend hours a day. Your blog should be done for you and (possibly) your target audience. Is you are blogging to make money, then the more time you put into it the more you will potentially get out of it. Again, consistency is the key.

If you are looking to replace your day job, then you will more than likely need to treat your blog as a job. If you don’t put in the work, you don’t get the reward.

For me…

My blog has been a journey of my own making. I started writing so that I could have an outlet and help other people who had the same questions and concerns that I did. I wanted to help. Along the way I found that maybe I could make some side money as I went along. If I don’t make money, that’s cool with me. That would just be a perk to something that I already wanted to do.

Right now, because of the pandemic that is still rampant in the world, I am more thankful than ever to have this outlet. It helps me focus during my “me time” on something that I can be productive at, and possibly help others who are in a similar situation that I am in.

Blogging is one of my biggest outlets. I get to write about what I want, when I want, and I have a community and support that I need to make my blog everything that I want it to be. I am so thankful that I found WealthyAffiliate.com when I did. They have helped give me direction and clarification when I needed it to go after what I want to do.

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