When do Boys Potty Train?

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Journal Day 2 – When do Boys Potty Train?

Thankfully the weather has cleared up and we have been able to resume our activities outside. I cannot tell you how good it smells to be outside after a rain. The air is so clear and crisp, and there are puddles everywhere to splash in. Well, that is if you don’t live in Arizona.

Here we have what you might call dry rain. Even when it rains, there is no lingering moisture in the air. Literally it was snowing the other day and I could not make a cloud with my breath to show Toddler because of the lack of moisture in the air. Not anything like where I grew up near San Francisco.

Since we had so much fun yesterday spending as much time as possible outside, we were all very tired when bedtime came around. There were no struggles to get into pajamas and we both just sat there watching Netflix waiting for Dad to get home from work.

Once Dad gets home from work, there is a little time to spend with him then bed time. Dad works until 6:30pm and with a full day that is pretty much the limit of Toddler’s awake time.


We said our hellos and snuggles with Dad, shared our day and asked how Dad’s day had been. Then we settle back in to watch the rest of the show we were watching and then bedtime routine.

Well, all of a sudden Toddler stands up, looks down at me, and says “Poop”. I look at him, and ask, “Did you poop?” He says no, so then I follow up with “Do you need to poop?” which he promptly replies “Yea!”. He climbs down and runs over to the bathroom door.

I had purchased a training toilet for him several months ago to be prepared for potty training. I had been keeping it in his play room to get him used to it being there since we keep the bathroom door closed when he is up and about.

So I go into the playroom and grab the little toilet and take it into the bathroom. He follows and watches, then lets me take his pjs off and remove his diaper. He sits down dutifully and just sits there looking up at me like I am supposed to do something.

Training Without Training

After about a minute, he starts to do the little straining noises he does when he is pooping and I thought “Oh my gosh this is really happening! I haven’t even started potty training yet in any sort of dedicated way and he is already using the toilet!” Then the cutest, semi-loud fart issues forth from his butt and echos in the empty toilet bowl. We both started laughing as we looked at one another.

He then just kept sitting there so I thought that maybe more was going to come out. Not the case. I asked him about a minute later if he had to pop still and he said no. Then I helped him stand up from the toilet and put his diaper and pjs back on. He then turned around, put the lid down, and pushed the button on the back of the little toilet that makes a flushing noise and lights up. I have told him that is what we do when we are done using the toilet.

Next we just continued with our bedtime routine. I got him his tooth brush and I got mine and he sat down on the toilet lid to brush his teeth. He seemed ever so pleased with himself and I couldn’t help but keep smiling at the thought that maybe potty training was going to be easier than I had been lead to believe.

One Can Hope

In preparation of potty training, I have done a lot of reading and research into how and when. My main question was when do boys potty train. The answer is basically when they do. There is an age window that is “typical” but every child is different.

From all my readings, the biggest take away is that I need to wait until Toddler is ready and not do it when I’m ready. If I rush it, it could cause lots of strain, anxiety, and even might make him resist potty training since I am making such a big about it. These are the last things that I want to do.

So I continue to have a healthy stock of diapers on hand and just keep watching for signs that he is ready. What he did by telling me he had to poop, even though it was only a fart, was a very good sign that he is starting to realize that when his body feels a certain way, he has to go potty. All I have to do is keep encouraging that and push ever so gently. This is going to be very much a lead-by-him training.

For You

If you are interested, I have linked the toilet that I got and am now using below for you to check out. Toddler’s favorite part is the button that lights up and makes the flushing noise when pushed. I love how easy it is to move, will be to clean(has a removable catch pan, and has a space to hold wipes in the “tank”.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi there, I have a 3 year old grandson that lives with me I was so glad when he became potty trained. Boys seem to take longer than girls to potty train. I guess cause the boy just doesn’t care. The one thing I found out just as you have is when they are ready they will become potty trained. It can be frustrating at times.

    1. I am very much looking forward to him being potty trained. I just have to remember not to push him too much because I don’t want him to rebel. Thank you so much for the comment

  2. I love the smell after it has rained especially on concrete for some reason I don’t know. 

    I never knew boys and girls train at different times, of course this isn’t always the case as every child is unique and develop at their own times. 

    I think, like you have stated you should allow the child to potty train when it is ready instead of you yourself. 

    Thanks for this info!

    1. The smell right after it has rained is my most favorite smell in the world. I don’t know why either. Maybe because it is like a refresh of the Earth? Yes, every child is unique. What I have read is anywhere between 12months to 5year is completely normal for a child to potty train. I can hope he does soon rather than later, but it is ultimately up to him.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a nice weather, we in NY literally just got hit by the snow storm. I attempted to dig my car 3 times last night and gave up. Anyways, your toddler is so smart! With my nephews or little brother or sister, they always found one corner and kept to themselves without letting us know. 

    Thank you for sharing your review about this little toiler. I am going to check it out and see if my sister in law is interested in it or not. 

    1. Yes I heard that you guys are getting slammed with a storm! Be safe over there.

      I hope the little ones in your family didn’t keep up the habit of sticking to a corner. That would get mighty unpleasant.

      Oh awesome! Yes my little guy loves his little toilet. It is just the perfect size for him. He did have to get used to sitting down on to it because of the splash guard. Before he was getting on to it like you would get onto a horse.

  4. What a super cute story! My nephew is almost 3 and a half and he still doesn’t want to go on the potty. We’ve all been a little worried that he’s way behind everyone else in his age group. Boys tend to be a lot slower at this. My other nephew and my niece were potty-trained much sooner. But I feel relieved after reading your article that he’ll probably get to it in his own time and we just have to continue gently suggesting it but leaving the big step up to him. Thanks for the reassurance!

    1. Yes for sure! So glad to have helped. That’s really all you can do is nudge gently and hope for the best. He is his own person and will do it on his own time. 

  5. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest, I actually found this article really helpful. I’m a soon-to-be father myself, and I’m having twin boys. Me and my wife are pretty nervous, as these are our first children. Things like potty training are going to be really important for them to learn early on, or at least we prefer it to be earlier rather than later. We’ve been searching sporadically for potty training tips, so we both found this super helpful. 

    1. Oh congrats on the twins! Becoming a parent is super stressful and very rewarding all at the same time. I’m glad you found the page helpful. Good luck to you and your wife as you embark into parenthood together. Much love 🙂

  6. Oh Angela this was so cute to read, I wish I had one of these little guys. What a terrific training tool, making it all a game and I bet he loved you praising him. I kept wondering what dad was thinking relaxing on the lounge while you were doing potty training. What a laugh! I had three older brothers and yes I did wonder when they started using the potty. Maybe I should ask them one day.

    This seems a perfect way to train our little men. Flashing lights and noises.

    1. Yes he really does love them. And is that is motivation enough for him to want to learn to be potty trained then I am all for it! I honestly don’t know what Dad was thinking, I should ask him! You should ask your brothers, maybe they have some funny and interesting stories of their own to share. 

  7. I am expecting my first child soon so this was an eye opener for me and to really understand the importance of potty training and how boys and girls learn at different times sometimes. Its important to allow children to learn at their own pace and not to rush the process.

    Thanks for the valuable information and the resources and reading that will put me in the right direction. 

    1. Congrats on the expected little one! Yes there is a lot to being a parent and teaching our little ones how to do things in life. Much of the stuff they are going to learn is at their own pace, not just potty training. Best advice for you is to not compare your little one to other little ones, and enjoy every minute you have with them.

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