Staying Motivated in Life

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Journal Day 5 – Staying Motivated in Life

I bet like most people, I have a tendency to set lofty goals for myself. Usually they coincide with the beginning of something: the week, the month, and yes even the year. I am sure that everyone has set a goal for them self on New Years. I can’t but wonder how many people actually make their goal.

I recently learned that January 17 is the day by which most people have given up on their goals. How sad. That is a little less than 3 weeks into a new year that people give on their goals. I think at least part of the reason is that people don’t know how to successfully set a goal for themselves.

How to Set a Goal

Almost anyone that I talk to says that a goal is something that they want in their life. But did you know that there is a good way to set a goal and a not so good way? Unfortunately for many people, they only set their goals in the not so good way and they set themselves up for failure.

To quote the author Greg Reid “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” I use this as a road map to make sure that I set my goals in a way that I can achieve them.

Steps to Set a Goal

First, the easy part, you want to decide on what dream you want. Do you want to have a bunch of extra money? Or maybe you want to have that fancy car and the best clothes you can buy? Maybe you want a lot of friends or you want to be in the best shape of your life? Whatever it is, decide on it.

Next, write it down! This part is so important because when you write something down, you are committing to it. It isn’t just some fluff that you said.

Then, write down the steps that you are going to take to get to you goal. For example, if you wanted to get in shape, you could write down your routine, how often and what type, and what you are going to eat and when. If you wanted to have lots of money, you could write down the steps you would need to save money and possibly how you could make more money on the side.

Finally, you have to do what is written down. This is probably the hardest part because people start out super motivated. They make a plan, and then they start implementing their plan and it starts to work. They start to see results. Then after a little while they slack off a bit. Maybe they are tired of getting up early in the morning to do that exercise every other day, or maybe they don’t want to stay up late tracking down ways to make extra income on the side. Whatever the reason, people start to lose their enthusiasm and eventually they stop going after their dream.

How to Maintain Your Enthusiasm

There are some very easy, and important, steps that you can take to keep your enthusiasm high and your energy focused.

1. Remember How it Feels to Want Your Dream

You need to make sure that you are almost always, if not always, in the same charged head space that you were when you first laid your plans on how to achieve your dream. I write down what I am working towards on a piece of paper and hang it right next to where I will be working toward my dream. Then before I do any work, I close my eyes and think about my why and how good it will feel to have my dream in hand. After a couple minutes, I open my eyes and I am super eager to start work. So much so that it doesn’t even feel like work!

2. Give Yourself No Other Option

Yes, you read that right. It might sound over-simplified, and it might be, but it really works. If you remove the option of giving up and quitting, the only other option is to keep working toward your dream.

3. Visual Stimulation

Whatever your dream and goal is, find pictures that make you think of them. Put them where you will see them, perhaps somewhere near where you will be working toward them. Or somewhere you spend lots of time. You want the pictures to constantly remind you of what you are working toward. In a sense “Keeping your goal in sight”.

4. Accountability Partner

Find someone else who is working toward their own goal(s). Set up an appointment to text, call, chat, Zoom whatever with them on a recurring basis to keep you accounted for your actions. If you know that someone else is going to be saying “Hey, how are you doing working toward your goal?” you very likely might be less inclined to quit or even slack.

At the end of The Miracle Morning there is a link that you can follow to join the Facebook group of like minded people and there is even a chat just for finding an accountability partner. I have found some amazing people and connected with them and they have helped me stay motivated and on track.


I really hope that you have found all of this helpful. I know that sometimes in the past I have floundered to find ways to keep myself going strong and have even given up more times than I can to admit. If you stay motivated, you are more likely to reach your goals, and your dreams. This in turn will help you to set more goals and dreams because you will see that you can achieve what you set for yourself, as long as you have the proper planning and keep yourself motivated.


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