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The Story…

One thing that I have found that really helps me out is my habit tracker. For those who don’t know, it is sort of like a journal where you keep track of habits you want to break, and habits you want to create.

My most favorite one was a find from Walmart, and I was over the moon. Each one came with 12 months of habit tracking pages. I loved the layout, the design, and how it was structured so that I could really track how I was doing with my habit building.

Sadly, the last time that I went to buy my next years tracker, they were all out. I searched as far away as 150 miles from home and no Walmart carried it. Even online yielded no results.

So I went to directly to the manufacturers web page to see if I could find this tracker being sold somewhere else. Not only was my habit tracker not sold anywhere else, but I couldn’t find it among their online stock either.

I sent an email to their company asking where I could find this tracker as it was the only one that had worked for me. Their response: it had been discontinued.

I was stunned and shocked. Why was it that my favorite habit tracker had been discontinued? I searched high and low on all the major online retailers for one that was comparable. I was unable to find one that was structured similarly.

I sat for many months, saddened by the fact that I was unable to not only track my habits, but the habit tracker had actually helped structure my life and it had helped me as a stay at home mom(SAHM) maintain my mental health.

What was my solution? I received an email from that informed me that I could submit my own book to be sold and printed on demand.

Light bulb!

I could make my own habit tracker, just the way that I wanted. Then I could put it on Amazon, order one for myself, and then it would also be available to others who also might want it.

I was over the moon. This was something that I could actually do! But, how would I actually go about doing it?

I had never written a book before. I had never made a habit tracker. To Google I went!

I searched and researched how to go about doing this, and what programs to use. I finally settled on Canva, an amazing app that lets you design pages to your size specifications and theme.

Many months later…

I finally had a habit tracker that I could be proud of. This was something that I could use, year after year.

Yes, it took me that long to make it. Being a SAHM I could only devote a couple hours to work on it every week. My family comes first. When I was able to sneak some time in to work on the habit tracker I did. No regrets!

Since I have submitted my tracker to Amazon, people all over are able to purchase and benefit from this tracker. Also, added benefit, if anyone buys it through Amazon, I will get a small commission for all the work I put into it. Happy! This is what I like to call a win-win.

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