Spring Clean a House

Spring Clean a House

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It’s that time of year again. The weather is starting to get warmer, snow is melting, animals are becoming more active and louder in the morning, and you may be getting the urge to get some things around your house clean. Whether you want to go full tilt and clean everything, or just want to target certain areas/rooms, you can get it done. Not only that, but I will help you set up your own plan to on how to Spring Clean your house.

Get Organized

First thing is first, you want to start with a plan. Trust me, if you go in barrels of cleaner and washrag in hand you will burn out before you make it through much of what you want to do. So first step, make a plan.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in one day. I personally stretch it over 2 weeks and get the family involved. This way they are included, and I still have time to do my normal things around the house. Plus I want to avoid Spring Cleaning Burnout!

Where Are You Cleaning?

Get a sheet of paper and write down what you want to get done. Does that closet in the hallway need a going through? How about the pile in your bedroom you have been avoiding eye contact with for you don’t even remember how long? Write the areas/rooms down that you want to clean.

Possible Places for You to Clean

Under each room/area write what you want to target. It could be the dust in the living room, the back of the cupboards in the bathroom, the Tupperware that is out of control in the kitchen or the toy bin that never seems to get clean.

If you don’t know where to start, go into the area/room that you want to Spring Clean and look around. Change your perspective. Get up on a chair or down on the ground and really look. I was surprised how many little fingerprint of off-color I found in the hallway when I got down to look. Write down each thing that you see that needs to be done.

Now You Know Where, Let’s Figure Out When

Decide how long you want to dedicate to getting your list done. Make sure you work around the schedule that you have for when you plan to clean. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and don’t give yourself too little to do. There are two ways that I have found that are productive to me that I have outlined below.

Option 1

Write down what you are going to do each day and set a time that you will start. Maybe you only have two blocks of 30 minutes. Assign cleaning jobs in those slots that you know you can get done in 30 minutes. Or you could do one big thing but break it in half.

I find that when I schedule something for myself to do I have a much higher tendency to get it done. Make sure to have some really awesome music going in the background to keep your energy high.

Option 2

Write down the time that you are going to work on your list of things to do. Next to that write down all the things that you want to get done. Then when the time comes that you have allotted for yourself, pick an item off the list and start working.

From here you can either set a timer to go off, like if you have something else you need to do at a certain time. Keep working on that one job till it is done. If you have more time left on the timer, pick something else and keep working!

Another option is to just work on that one job till it is done. This second options gives you more wiggle room if you don’t really feel like tackling something at a given time. Just make sure that you stay committed to finishing your whole list.

Last Step, Make Sure You Do It

This is probably the hardest one for me personally. I love to make plans and schedules and sometimes I find an excuse to avoid doing them if they aren’t super pressing. Make a commitment to yourself that you will get this done. Perhaps give yourself a reward for getting a cleaning job ticked off your list. If you are working towards a reward, you are much more likely to do what you need to do to get the reward.

A list of possible rewards:

  • Pedicure/manicure
  • Food item
  • Movie
  • Something you’ve been wanting to buy
  • A luxurious bath/shower
  • Massage
  • A book
  • A new song/album to enjoy
  • Some extra downtime for yourself
  • A treat from your significant other(make sure they are good with this)

Spring Clean a House

One of the things that helps me to make sure that I get my jobs done is to write them out where I can see them. I have a whiteboard in the living room next to the kitchen and garage. I walk by it maybe a couple hundred times a day, it is the center point of traffic in my house. With my list right here, not only am I holding myself accountable, but I also have my family seeing what I have gotten done, and what I have yet to get done. This is a huge spur for me to get my jobs done or my Teenager won’t let me forget it!

Wrapping it Up!

I really hope that this article has helped you. Sometimes you want to do something but the task seems so monumental that you don’t know where to start or how to tackle it. Breaking the whole task of Spring Cleaning your house into steps can be super helpful and give you direction.

Being organized helps most people keep their goal in mind and actually reach it. Make sure you write it down. This will commit yourself to getting it done and keeping you on track as you tackle Spring Cleaning your house.

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