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Here it is! A list of developmental milestones is a rough guide to where your baby should be in his or her development. I say rough because there really is no hard fast list that is for sure “Your child will be doing this by this age.” That’s just the way things go.

What you can do is reference the list and see whereabouts your child could be with their developmental skills. At the end, I have included a printable developmental milestones chart that you can print out for quick reference.

Is My Child Ahead or Behind?

Such a difficult question to answer. The simple answer is that there is no correct answer. Sorry. Children develop at their own rate. Some skip certain steps, like crawling, and go straight to walking. You just have to wait and see what your child will do.

There is No Correct Way to Do Things

If you want to encourage your child to hit certain milestones there are always ways to help promote that. Reading and singing to your child helps them develop their language and some cognition while having toys that help develop their motor skills and reasoning help with that aspect.

Printable Developmental Milestones Chart

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Don’t Be Hard on Yourself or Your Child

Your child is going to develop at the rate that they develop. Just as each of us is a unique person, so too will they have their own way of doing things and not doing things. Never get mad at a child for trying and not succeeding. Please always remember that they are learning how to do things, and it may take them 100 tries before they get it correct. That is just the rate that they do things at, and that is alright!

Just because your child is ahead or behind, do not blame yourself as a parent. Kids develop at their own rate and there is only so much we are parents can do to help foster that. Try to be patient with your child and yourself.

That being said, there are some signs at each stage that you should watch out for. If you notice any of these or anything else that just doesn’t seem right to you, please seek medical advice/attention. This article is no substitution for medical advice and seeing your medical professional. Each child is different and should always be checked out by a professional if anything seems off.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know below 🙂

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