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3 Words You Don’t See Together Often

We know the words, but how often do we actually get to practice them? My guess is, not very much. Between cleaning the house, cooking meals, laundry, spending time with your LO, spending time with you SO, and running errands outside the house you probably don’t get much Mom alone time.

Even though this is a common thing, spending some time alone every day can help you not only feel better about yourself, but it can help your physical and mental wellness. This in turn makes you better able to handle and take care of everything else that comes into your life.

Mom Alone Time

How Much Time Should I Spend Alone?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some women find that they need to spend at least an hour to feel like their internal batteries have been recharged. Others only need a couple minutes before they are ready to tackle the next thing. This is something that you are going to have figure out through trial and error.

Start by just giving yourself something like 10 minutes. Try and fit that in wherever you can. This could be before your LO is awake, or while they are napping. I know that it can be difficult to do, but ti is worth it.

If you get to the end of the 10 minutes and find that you are feeling a little calmer, refreshed mentally and ready to go again, then that was a good time for you. If not, then try 20 minutes the next time. Keep trying different times till you find your ideal time.

How to Get More Alone Time

Try setting some time alone for yourself as an appointment. Write it down in your planner, or mark it in your phone. Then keep that appointment! Your ‘me’ time if so important to make sure that your internal batteries are recharged so you can give your all to everything that do.

Some things that you might consider to help you keep your appointment with yourself for your alone time is to enlist the aid of family and friends. They can help watch your LO so that you know they are taken care of and you don’t have to worry.

Also remember that your forever list of things to do will still be there after your Mom alone time. It is not going anywhere. Nothing bad is going to come from putting off tackling your list. The only thing that might is that you will be able to complete and tackle you list with more energy, gusto and clarity.

Mom Alone Time

What Should I Do?

Spend it however you want! Remember, this is YOU TIME.

That means doing something relaxing, exercising, meditating, playing on your phone, getting your nails done etc. This is your time and you can spend it however you feel the best and whatever you enjoy doing.

This time is for you to spend to recharge your internal batteries so this time needs to be completely and utterly all about you.

No, this does not mean that you are selfish at all! So don’t even think that! You are spending time on yourself so you will have the internal reserves to go the distance for your family, friends and every other obligation you have. You need this for you mental and physical well-being too.

If you have ever felt run down, lifeless, drained, fatigued beyond belief then you probably have not been giving yourself enough alone time.

My Story Behind This

I made the mistake of diving head-first into doing everything for my family. This is not inherently a bad thing, but after a while I started to feel super drained and just sucking at everything. I was starting to feel depressed and hopeless and unappreciated and all my relationships with everyone sufferer.

What I realized is that I had lost myself in my family. I was not giving myself enough me time and doing things that were just for me to maintain my individuality outside the family. My batteries were not being recharged and I felt it.

Once I started to spend some Mom alone time, I started to feel a whole world better. I was able to do things around the house better, deal with both my Toddler and Teenager in a more positive way, and I started to enjoy doing things around the house I used to before like cooking.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you give this a chance and try to fit some Mom alone time into your daily routine. Not only does it help to give your internal batteries a recharge so that you are able to tackle everything that comes your way in life, but it helps you maintain a healthier mental and physical state.

Spending time alone doing your own things also helps you to maintain an identity outside of the family. Now, this might not sound like it is super important, but believe me it is!

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