How to Exercise with a Baby – Outdoors

After you have you little bundle of joy, you may want to take it easy for a while. When you are ready to get back to it and get back into shape, or get in shape cause you weren’t really even before you got pregnant(guilty!) you very likely will find that you exercise has changed now that you have a little one in tow.

Below I give you not only some ideas for tools that you can use to help you, but also some ideas for where to go and how to exercise with a baby outdoors.

Tools to Help You Out

Fear not! It is actually pretty easy to accomplish with the right know-how and possibly some tools to help you. You by no means are required to have these tools, but the right tool for the right job helps things and might make you more likely to actually repeat you outside exercising.

The first one that I have found to be invaluable to getting outside and exercising is a stroller. It really doesn’t matter what kind of stroller that you have or use, but you want to make sure that it is maneuverable and has good wheels. There is nothing worse than getting bogged down in a bit of mud.
How to Exercise with a Baby - Outdoors - Momma pushing a stroller

What I personally use is
the Evenflo Sibby Travel Stroller. I love this thing. Not only does it work well as a stroller, but it came with a base and baby car seat that I was able to use up until a little bit ago when my son outgrew it. It was so convenient that I could just move the car seat easily from the car base to the stroller with just a few button pushes and without having to unbuckle him or anything. No muss no fuss.

The one that I use is, at the time of writing this, currently out of stock on amazon. However, this one HERE is very similar to the one that I use. Any stroller that you are currently using you can make work though. How to Exercise with a Baby - Outdoors - Baby carrier


The other tool that I use often is the Infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier. This has been amazing for getting out and about with my baby when I wanted to make sure that I had both hands free, or I was going somewhere that a stroller would have been a massive pain to maneuver. My favorite aspects about this one is that it can be changed depending on how old you baby is, and it supports both frontal and back carrying of you little one(safely as long as they are old enough/able to support them self).

Getting Outdoors – Where to Go

How to Exercise with a Baby - Outdoors - Raliroad Line

There are so many fun and exciting places that you can go to in order to get a bit of exercise outside. Some of these can include tourist type destinations, and other places are more off the beaten path. Here is a quick list of places that you can start with depending on what is in you area:

  • local park
  • the beach
  • a lake
  • a hiking trail
  • the zoo
  • museums
  • a farm
  • a school(after hours as permitted)
  • a cemetery
  • a university
  • a national park
  • a playground
  • a river or stream
  • a parkour course

I suggest googling places that you can go. You might be surprised what you can find in you local area. Not only will this help get you out of the house(which is always a good thing when you’re feeling like you’re stuck at home) but it will also expose you and you baby to new experiences and places that you might not have thought of.

Where to Go With Nowhere to Go

If you are stuck in a city location, then do laps around a block or
area that you have mapped out. You can vary it up with different speeds.
What I love to do is do one or two laps(this will depend on for you how
long a lap is) then stop and do some exercises. For example, I will do
20 push-ups before I start my next lap. Here is a list of many exercises
that you can do:

  • push-ups(all variations)
  • sit ups
  • burpees
  • squats(all variations)
  • jumping jacks
  • skaters
  • lunges

If you are feeling exceptionally brave, include you baby in you exercises. You can use him/her as a weight of sort for some exercises. This can be fun for them as you can make silly faces when they get closer to you or not.

What I love love love to do is my exercises right in front of my little one while he is in the stroller. I will count out loud while I do them and make faces at him. Not only does this get my mind off of whatever body part is being worked and burning at the time, but it also included him so he isn’t just sitting there bored.

You can always take some of the exercises that I explored in the article How to Exercise With a Baby – Indoors and modify them so you can do them outside. There is no limit to what you can do, as long as you are comfortable doing them and it is safe for you and baby.

Final Thoughts

Exercising outdoors has so many wonderful benefits. Not only are you getting some exercise in, and who doesn’t need some of that, but you are also doing something with you baby. You may not realize it, but you spending this time with you baby is helping shape who they are going to grow up to be.

You and you baby doing fun things outside is so beneficial. You are helping to show you little one that exercise is important, and how to take care of themselves as they grow older. Plus, you are exposing them to new environments and situations.

As they grow older, you can start to include talking about you experiences and adventures, which will help build their vocabulary and socialization skills. All of these are important in helping them grow up healthy and happy.

However you decide to get outdoors with you child, make sure that you are safe and exercise in a good manner. Try not to push yourself or put you or you baby in any situation that could be dangerous.

As always, be safe and be smart. never push yourself to hard or far, and ALWAYS make sure you and your little one are safe.

If you loved (or hated) this post, please let me know! I love to hear all comments 🙂


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  1. I live in a small townhouse and my neighbours have a one year old. They just bought a Croozer multi purpose carriage. It came disassembled and they asked my help, because the assembly instructions are far from simple and I’m an engineer, lol! I’m happy to help, the thing definitely looks like something I might invest myself once I have the need. Doubles as a bike carriage and a stroller so great for exercising with your baby! Do you have experience with the Croozer products?

    1. Hello!! Thank you so much for the comment. I do not have any personal experience with Croozer products, but I have looked at them. It was something that I considered if I was going to get a bicycle as well to help with some outdoor fun for my little one and I. It honestly didn’t seem feasible at the time for me, but they are definitely a good tool if that is what you love to do and it helps get you moving again. I have seen people put small pets in them as well, so if that’s your cup of tea then that works too.

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