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Journal Day 6 – House Cleaning House Cleaning

I honestly never imagined that I would be cleaning my house so much with kids. Not because I didn’t realize how messy they were, I just didn’t think it through. One kid means there is some mess, but when he is doing his own thing you can clean up and get ahead with some sort planned deep cleaning.

Today I find myself scrubbing my hallway walls wondering how in the world they have gotten so dirty. This hallway in particular leads to the bedrooms, so I am not sure how there are multiple drips originating from about 2 1/2 feet and lower. It really makes me wonder what my kids get up to if I’m busy elsewhere in the house.

However, with two, a Teenager and a Toddler, the cleaning needed has been increased exponentially and there is little to no time to deep clean. In my post How to Clean with a Toddler I looked at how you could get around cleaning when you have a little one underfoot. There is so much more to it, and the more you know and plan the easier and better off you will be.

Have a Plan

What are going to get done today? Generally most people have some idea how their day is going to go. What they are doing and approximately when is such a beneficial step to any day, especially with a toddler. Toddlers Leo very well with a schedule. Not always when but the order that things are done help give them structure to their days as well as let them know what is coming next.

This also can help you arrange your day. You will know what is coming after each thing that you have planned which will help you to not only be able to adapt easier when something unexpected does happen, but also give you some peace of mind throughout your day

Get Everything Together

As silly as it might seem, having all your cleaning stuff in one place is so helpful. I have a caddy I keep on top of my dryer of my cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, and rags. I love this as I do not have to get each one out in turn to clean; I just pick up my little caddy and go.

Set Aside Time to Clean

Just as one must schedule appointments for doctors and (hopefully) self-care time, I find it useful to schedule a cleaning time as well. When my toddler was more baby than child, I would clean during his naps. That is if I wasn’t taking a nap as well. Now that he is older, I schedule myself to clean x, y, and z at certain times during the day. No more than 10-15 minutes at any given time.

Make a Schedule

If you’re like me, you’d rather play with your kids than clean. Granted some love to clean, and I say more power to them. I was not blessed with that aptitude. I make myself a schedule every morning on a little white board on my fridge of everything I want to get done that day.

Cleaning House Cleaning House

I also keep a master schedule on-hand to keep track of what I cleaned. So cleaning I do daily, weekly, monthly, and every couple months. I have yet to go so far as a year out, but I won’t completely say it is out of the realm of possibility.

This all helps me make sure some of the more deep cleanings are done on a regular basis and do not get overlooked. Sometimes I also have to change how often or not I do a particular cleaning. And that’s completely fine as long as my house functions, is relatively clean(housework is never done you know), and my children are happy and healthy.


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