Here Goes Nothing – 28 Day Challenge

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As I continue on my journey of trying to get help for parents out there, I am finding that it is not always as easy as it once was to come up with relevant topics. Sometimes I have a bad day, week, couple weeks that just seems to keep me down. Sometimes I have so much going on at home that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done I need to plus everything I want to.

So I thought to myself, why not add a personal journal to this site so people could not only relate to me on a more personal level, but maybe it could help show that life is not always perfect, and that there really is another mother on the other end of these writings.

Why not!

Why Not?

Exactly! Why not? I can’t think of a single reason not to. Yes, some people might not agree with me. And yes, some people might say that I am going off topic when I shouldn’t be.

But I am not doing this so that I can make a blog and resell it to make money. This is personal for me. Therefore, I believe that it should have a more personal aspect to it.

that being said, I would like to present myself with my own personal challenge.

The Challenge

It is close enough to the end of the month that I feel that I can start to look at a monthly challenge for me on here. What if I was to do one blog post a day for a whole month??

Can it be done? Sure thing!

Will I always have structured stuff to talk about or bring up? Hell no!

Will I remain constant through hell or high water to make sure that I finish this promise to myself and my readers that I will actually post one a day? You betcha!!!

And yes, next month does happen to be February. No, it is not cheating to start doing this on the shortest month of the year. It just happens to be the month that is coming up next. Nothing wrong with that. Though I don’t think I could have planned it out better if I tried.


I can do this!!

I plan to be using my whiteboard heavily to keep me on track. I hung it right in the living room where I would pass by it dozens of dozens of times a day(yes you read that correctly). I have found that putting it right there has helped me utilize it as much as possible and actually have found it to be completely beneficial and I get my moneys worth! Click here if you want to check out what I have.

I will, of course, still include my disclaimers and disclosures to cover my butt in case someone gets a wild hair up theirs and wants to try to get me in trouble. That is just something that can’t be avoided in this day and age sadly.

So you are going to get the raw me. Me that is real and deals with life on a daily basis. You will learn a little more about me on a personal level as I share snippets from my daily life, thoughts, musings, dreams, day dreams, and whatever else I feel like sharing.


I hope you are up for it… Because I sure am!

Too bold? Too brazen? Not enough? Took me long enough?

Let me know what you think!!!

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