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Journal Day 4 – Girly Stuff to Buy for Fun

I have never been one for girly stuff. I actually used to think it was pretty amusing to see how much people would get dressed up to go on a date or a special function. I never really was one. I never really had anyone special to impress so I thought why bother?

That was Then, This is Now

As I have gotten older, this is not my outlook anymore. Yes, some people still get all dressed up to impress others. I am finding, however, that is not the reason many people do it.

Many people do certain things to look good for themselves. Quite honestly this is the best reason to do something. Doing something that makes you feel good about you should always be a top priority for any person.

I have fallen into this category myself lately. I have found that there are somethings that I once considered “girly” to be something that absolutely enjoy and that make me feel good about myself.

Head Bands

I was never into head bands at all. They were annoying and always kept sliding down and I had to re-adjust them and they were just not something that I wanted to deal with.

Now, I absolutely LOVE them! They come in so many different colors, styles, and shapes and there always seems like there are more to discover and purchase. I think the reason that I have grown so fond of them in the past year is when I bought my first one for the 4th of July. It is a red headband with red, white, and blue pom poms on the top.

This headband was my gateway headband. I loved the sound it made when I shook my head. I love the way that it fit on my head. Toddler loved to grab the pom poms and squeeze them. I think because they made a crinkly noise and it felt different from anything he had felt before.

This past Halloween I got several different headbands. One I saw was in a costume pack so I bought the whole thing just for the headband.

This Year…

My goal this year is to get a head band for every single holiday that there is. I have to be vigilant in securing them before they are all gone for each holiday. Apparently they are a very hot item where I live.

When I couldn’t find any that I wanted to wear, I turned to Amazon. Through my searches I found this really cute pack of 12 different headbands for different animals.

I can’t wait to get these in the mail and wear them around the house! Plus, not only can I go over different animals with Toddler, but we will be able to go over the different colors that they are as well and make the noises that each animal makes. Like a introduction into make-believe

I’ve included a link below if you want to check them out and get them for yourself or your little one.


The other pleasure that I have really gotten into is doing my nails. I used to have so much fun painting my toenails and giving myself pedicures before I got pregnant. I have close to 4 dozen different colors with different glitters and stickers and such.

When I got pregnant I stopped doing them because of the fumes. I didn’t want to potentially cause any harm to my unborn child. I finally broke down about a week before he was born and painted my big toe on each foot. And yes, I could reach my toes. I could put my hands on the ground in a standing position still as well. Confounded the doctor as to how I could since I was so big from pregnancy.

Now He is Older

I still haven’t been able to do my nails. I don’t have the time to apply the base coat, the main coat(s) and then the top coat and wait for it to dry. Toddler has turned my life into a whirlwind of activity and that doesn’t leave room for several hours of sitting still to let paint dry.

Thankfully, I saw a post from my friend from high school about a product she was selling. They are these nail polish strips that come in like a sticker form. You just stretch it to fit your nail, trim, and press on. No multiple layers to add. No waiting for paint to dry. It comes with all the layers in the one application. And each pack comes with 16 strips. Each of those strips can realistically be used for two different nails. So each pack comes with 3 full pedicure or manicures!

Girly Stuff to Buy

The best part? For all the time it saves and the fact it has all the layers in the one strip, it is a very reasonable price. Depending on what type you get(solid, glitter, decal) will change the price, but they range from $11- $13 dollars. Quite a steal!

I’ve included the link to her site below so you can go look at what she has to offer. I can’t wait to get more so I can mix and match my nails and try some new things that I think would be a lot of fun!


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