Deep Cleaning a Kitchen – Spring Cleaning

Deep Cleaning a Kitchen – Spring Cleaning

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This is part of the Spring Clean a House segment of 2021

As with deep cleaning any part of your house, there are some obvious and not so obvious things that you can do to make sure that your cleaning spree is thorough and done well. Some of these are obvious: make sure your counters are clean, dishes are clean, and clean the floors and cupboards. Some are not so obvious: move the fridge and stove out to clean the back of, behind and under, pair up your Tupperware, and make sure you have all parts of many-part items.

Deep Cleaning a Kitchen - Spring Cleaning

The Obvious

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, the more obvious things stick out.


They need to be uncluttered and cleaned. This is as simple as taking everything off of the counters, making sure that you wipe them down, and then wiping the things you put back onto the counter off before you put them away. Make sure you move everything that is on the counter that you physically can. You would be surprised how much stuff can creep under a bread box or toaster.


These need to be cleaned and put away. Whether that is in a cupboard, or a floating rack, every dish should have a home. If not, it’s time to go through your dishes and figure out what you need to keep and what can go.
If you have any cracks or chips in dishes, these would be the first to go. Many times you might pass them over for other dishes because you don’t want to look at them or they might even be a hazard to give to others. If they are part of a set you can try to get replacements. Of, if you are on a budget, either find a super common set or mix and match your daily-use dishes so that if one breaks, cracks, or chips you can just get a different one to complete your setting.

Floors and Cupboards

Your floors and cupboards need to be cleaned as well. Pick up every off of the floors and make sure you get into the corners and places that you don’t use or clean very often. You can be surprised what you can find in those places.

Concerning the cupboards, I like to clean both the inside and outside. I mean come on, how many times do you clean the inside of your cupboard? My guess would be never to hardly ever. That is where you keep your clean dishes so we need to make sure that it is a clean place to keep them.

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen - Spring Cleaning

Take all your dishes out and put them aside. When I clean out my cupboards, I like to use a disinfecting wash and then follow that with a “rinse” wash to make sure I get most if not all the residue off the cupboards. Make sure that you let all moisture dry before you put any dishes back to prevent any mold of mildew growing.

When putting the dishes back this would be the time to organize them. You can do either by color, purpose or size, or what ever really works for you. One of the things I would strongly encourage you to keep in mind is how often you use dishes. I prefer to keep dishes I use more often on the lower shelves to prevent reaching and potential hurting oneself.

Deep Cleaning a Kitchen - Spring Cleaning

The Not So Obvious

When looking about your kitchen for things to deep clean, some that you might over look are moving the bigger appliances to clean, matching Tupperware and cup/lid sets, and making sure that you have all parts for appliances.

Bigger Appliances

Just as you moved the smaller items on your counters to get under and behind them, so you should also do for the bigger ones. Your fridge, freezer, stove and oven all have sides that are hidden from the light and need cleaning. This is to say that you should only move them if you are able and they are not permanently attached to the wall or floor as some are.

Dust and debris can collect behind these larger appliances and not only hinder their ability to perform at the best they can, but if it collects up enough it can become a serious fire hazard. Make sure that you read your owner’s manual before you do any cleaning to see if there are special cleaners or instructions that you need to follow to make sure it gets cleaned.


The last time I went to deep clean my kitchen, I found dozens of lids to some Tupperware but only a handful of the bottoms that went with them. The lids were all over, thanks to Toddler’s hands and curiosity, and were taking up valuable cupboard space.

When I match them up I like to keep an extra lid or two for just in case. I have found that the bottom disappear faster than the lids, or get broken. Thus having an extra lid or two in the off chance that a lid goes missing first is not a bad idea. Especially since they don’t take up too much extra space when store correctly.

Accessories for Appliances

This might seem trivial, but you will thank me down the line when you go to use your stand mixer and want to use that dough hook you hardly ever use. Make sure that you keep all accessories in the same place for the same items. This helps you not only find it in the future, but helps consolidate tiny parts in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

As you go through your kitchen, you more than likely will see and find things that will need further cleaning. Make sure to write these down so that you can come back to them in the future. Stay in the task at hand so that you can get it done and tick it off your list off deep cleaning things to do for Spring Cleaning.

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