Advent Calendars

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The Advent Calendar

With Christmas fast approaching, and an expected shortage to be had when it comes to certain things this holiday season, it is never too late to get a Christmas staple, an advent calendar.

Now there are several routes that you can take as far as what comes in your calendar; something sweet to eat, something fun to play with, something to wear, something to make, or something to just enjoy.

Whether you like to give the gift of chocolates, candy, useful items or toys, there is an advent calendar for everyone in your life. Even those people who are hard to shop for, they too can celebrate the coming of Christmas with an advent calendar.

I have gathered some of the most popular advent calendar categories below with options to buy for each
Below I have grouped some of my favorite calendars by gender
For those who want to have an advent calendar they reuse year after year, here are some options for filling you days with


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